Customers increasingly prefer to communicate with business the same way they do with friends and family. That means the scope of  24/7 support for customers puts Businesses in a great position to build trust, loyalty, and advocacy and if you don’t have 24/7 support, you’re already behind your competitor. Businesses shouldn’t contemplate the cost of 24/7 support but rather the cost of not providing it. In simple terms, providing 24/7 customer support is the cost of doing business.

The fundamentals still matter; listen to your customers, follow the data, and provide several ways to get live help. Business has to deliver smooth engagement and the customer communication has to be prompt whether for sales, marketing, or support or to stick with your products and services.

Customers won’t wait for your business hours to get help

The ability to offer 24/7 support can be difficult, especially for small and medium-sized businesses as their staff are available only during normal office hours for very practical reasons. The cost of adding the headcount needed to provide support during evening hours and on weekends and holidays is not a realistic consideration for sustainability. There are, of course, opportunities for small to mid-sized businesses to offer round the clock support without headcount, using AI-powered chatbots.

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The combination of AI-powered chatbots and SMS, Rich communication services (RCS), and chat apps like WhatsApp gives businesses a chance to always stay in touch with their customers and provide 24/7 support for customers. Think about the scope of winning a place in your customers’ contact book and being available for text-based conversations 24/7 answering questions about products, to receive comments on services, to provide general updates or just to lend a helping hand when customers need it.

Thanks in large part to advances in artificial intelligence technology, chatbots have become a key component of any support strategy. AI chatbots enable businesses to scale their efforts and provide support around the clock while freeing small and medium-sized businesses to focus on conversations that truly need a human touch.

The chatbots have evolved beyond the basic rule based software to become a key component of any support strategy by combining the benefits of rule-based and hybrid chatbot with specific goals to enhance customer service. This is where AI-powered chatbots can make their presence felt as they automate customer communication and augment the support in a big way.

We’re well past the tipping point of automated conversation as a new and emerging technology to enhance customer service and chatbots is ‘the future’.

Chatbots are now simply part of modern life and it’s time for businesses to shift the script. The case for businesses putting chatbots to work more widely is a compelling one. And, thanks to machine learning, the chatbots have got smarter over time as they’re exposed to more conversational data.

Today’s AI powered chatbots are trained to understand customer intent through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Customers don’t have to respond with a limited set of phrases for the chatbot to understand, now chatbots are able to make sense of what customers ask, understand the intent, and generate a suitable answer. This makes interaction much more natural and avoids scenarios where deviation from the script drives the conversation to a grinding halt.