Implementing change in an organization

Implementing change in an organization requires careful planning and meticulous execution to succeed; E-learning is no exception. But if you take the right steps and have a proper plan, implementation can be easy. E-learning platform provides a single knowledge base and creates a positive impact on individuals and organizational performance.

E-learning is a convenient and flexible way of delivering training and education to your employees. An important step in e-learning implementation is to evaluate the current training and its shortcomings and how e-learning will solve the problem.

Engaging Content

Visually enhanced content format that makes your courses stand out.

Easy Editing

Drag & drop creation of courses with infographics and animations.

Custom Reports

Powerful reporting tool to report on a course, a cohort or specified users.

Choose the right e-learning platform

As a first step, identify your training needs and objectives that can be met with e-learning. Then assess how far these training needs are aligned to your business goals like cost cutting or reaching your sales goals, to justify the investment in e-learning. Also you may need to consider the features and functionality of the e-learning platform, the compatibility and integration with your existing systems and tools, scalability of the solution, and the support and maintenance services.

Successful adoption or leveraging the benefits of e-learning in your organization include:


We provide training and support

An essential factor for a successful e-learning implementation is the training and support of its users both content creators and students. GetGoingHub ensures that both creators and students have the necessary skills and competencies to use the e-learning platform and content effectively and efficiently. We provide students with orientation and guidance on how to access, navigate, and complete the e-learning courses or modules. We also offer them technical and pedagogical support, such as troubleshooting, help desk, coaching, or mentoring.

GetGoingHub accommodates content creators’ diverse teaching styles, preferences, and needs by offering improvements, different formats, levels for your e-learning program, and modes of learning for students. As a content creator you will be able to monitor and measure the progress and performance of students, as well as the impact and outcomes of e-learning on your organization.

Key benefits of the GGH’s LMS platform is the way it enables you as a course creator to build and manage your course content. You can create content yourself using standard course activities, upload SCORM files or acquire ready-made, off-the-shelf content from a provider. Either way you can easily upload it to your GGH LMS and organise it with ease using the drag and drop functionality.

GetGoingHub ensures that your LMS platform is about twice as powerful and can handle about twice as much load at scale from 400 to 10,000 users.

Enhanced reporting functionality to create, share and schedule custom reports using pre-defined data sources are a powerful feature and part of GetGoingHub’s LMS platform.