Unbearable for retailers to survive without eCommerce capabilities

Take your business online with a unique and fully integrable E-commerce tech suite for your B2B+B2C store or marketplace with powerful vendor management tools. Localize product price on your website with IP geolocation and define the shipping prices based on location and weight.

Online shopping isn’t just the preferred way of shopping when it comes to fashion, grocery, office furniture and other smaller items. People are big fans of e-commerce when it comes to their furniture and home renovation items too. It is essential to ensure that you have a fully optimized online store for a better customer experience. For customers to trust your online store, it is also advisable to design it well and make it more lively through improvising the latest designs. Having a good online store is a significant consideration if you need to have successful online sales.

Analysis & idea

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Design Process

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Ready Project

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Buying online vs. buying in person

When embarking on a traditional shopping journey, you have to clear out a whole day visiting multiple stores, browsing through all the options dealing with salespeople. Online shopping takes away all of these problems. Shoppers are free to explore hundreds of options from the comfort of their home or office. Plus, it’s much easier to compare prices and reviews. This way, shoppers can make their own decisions without feeling pressured, rushed, or overwhelmed.

GetGoingHub bridges the gap between online & in-store with advanced order management solutions that automates the synchronization of products, inventories, and orders across multiple ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more, from one interface.


Why it matters to your business?

Marketing plays a major role when it comes to selling products or services especially and having an online store is a brilliant way to market your products and services through the internet. Having an e-commerce website also provides small business and retailers better access and more exposure for them through search engines which means that prospective customers can find you easier than ever before.

Most small businesses and retailers may need an online store for various reasons like maximizing the potential of internet sales against setting up a physical store where resources, time, and capital for operating are crucial for success. The desire to have technology in managing all the sales activity such as inventories, shipping, and payment details and the need to record customers’ purchase history is essential when it comes to the recommendation of items depending on the previous purchases.

GetGoingHub provides a unique eCommerce ecosystem to global and regional brands to help them set up and operate their eCommerce business. Using our e-commerce application, you can transform the shopping experience of your customers into a digital one.

Marketing is the key to success for any business or retailer and marketing is made simpler with an e-commerce store, because it is easier to launch marketing campaigns and track performance.

A Visual Objects survey found that 76% of consumers search for a company’s online presence before visiting a physical location.

With an online store your products and services are visible 24/7 to your potential customers and as websites are visual, online stores also give you limitless opportunities to present your items in an aesthetically pleasing way and stand out from the crowd.