What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the creative solutions to drive brand awareness and connect with potential customers using organic and paid digital channels, including email, search engines, social media, the company’s website and blog. We at GetGoingHub are specialised on relevant KPIs building to measure performance and maximize revenue potential.

A well-planned and executed digital marketing campaign targets the right prospects for your products or services at the right time, which means they are more likely to buy your products or book what you offer. Digital marketing is more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective than many traditional marketing methods and provides detailed analytics so you can measure everything from the number of visitors, to how long they spent on your page, whether or not they made a sale and so much more, including cost per click and ROI.

Analysis & idea

Utilizing effective techniques for streamlining marketing workflows.

Measuring results

Setting target ROI and then reporting whether or not the campaign delivered.


Determining which marketing efforts are working, and which aren’t.

Why is Digital Marketing important?

It’s no longer a case of IF you have a digital presence but HOW good you are at making the most of your digital presence so you can be, and stay, competitive. Consumers have higher expectations when it comes to the brands they engage with and the many ways they can be reached, such as video, email, search engines and social media.


Cost-effective marketing technique for small businesses.

Any type of marketing can help your business thrive. However, including digital marketing is extremely important for your small business marketing strategy. Digital marketing has become increasingly important because of how accessible digital channels are. From social media to text messages, there are many ways to use digital marketing tactics in order to communicate with your target audience.

The best practices for digital marketing strategies differ significantly between the B2B and B2C. B2B clients tend to have longer decision-making processes, and thus longer sales funnels. B2C consumers tend to respond better to short-term offers and messages and decide whether or not they like the product enough to go in-store or online to make the purchase. While B2C consumers might do additional research, the time it takes to read reviews or watch product videos on YouTube is a much quicker turnaround than in B2B decisions.

Customer data is the foundation of digital marketing and personalization is the process of knowing the needs, preferences, and interests of your current and prospective customers so that you can serve them exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. Personalization requires so much data, however, businesses can learn a lot about their ideal customers during a digital marketing campaign — giving you plenty of valuable insight to help grow your business.

A digital marketing strategy to streamline marketing tasks by automating them using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software to power digital marketing campaigns. GetGoingHub’s marketing automation service handles mundane and repetitive tasks so marketers can focus on high-level strategy and creativity instead.