Technical Consultant

Babin Martin

Personal Info

Business analyst experienced in media research, analytics & measurement (AVE, RoI) for public relations, marketing research & strategy, b2b lead generation, sql query writing and team management.

Skilled in effective project management by determining customers’ business needs and time constraints, balancing against costs and available resources, and communicating a realistic estimate of project timing. Developing project plans and prioritizes tasks to achieve project milestones; recognizes project risks, provides input to contingency plans and provides guidance on meeting delivery goals. Monitoring performance and deliverables of individuals on the project team to ensure overall project success; actively keeps all members of the project team informed of progress.

Professional Skills

For each business, we take a bespoke approach to developing change within the goal.

Software Testing
Web Designer 80%
Internet Marketing
Web Designer 75%

Awards & Experience

The level of updates content needs vary on the subject and how it’s changed in your industry.

2002-2005 :
Victorian marketing Awards
2009-2014 :
Progressive marketing Award
2015-2020 :
International marketing Award

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