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We develop eLearning solutions that create a positive impact on individuals and the industry professionals with a single comprehensive knowledge base. We implement the eLearning platform as a stand-alone application and with eCommerce capability; automating user enrollment to course, bundling and packing of courses and hassle free up-sell and renewals.

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  • Client: Multiple Accounts
  • Start Date: 23 January 2021
  • Handover: 5 March 2021

Online learning has grown significantly as the world of internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic has become more centric in people’s lives and forced schools, universities, and companies to remote working and this booms the usage of online learning.

There are numerous platforms in the online learning market such as Udemy, Pluralsight, Edureka, Alison, Udacity, Miriadax, Jigsaw Academy, Pluralsight, Simplilearn, iversity, Intellipaat, FutureLearn, and LinkedIn among others that serve millions of people. These platforms are getting shaped by different verticals by course, by end-user (Academic, Corporate, Government) and by region.

“When it comes to mastering the skills needed for online learning GetGoingHub can provide your learner audience with a user-friendly online learning platform in order to sustain quality learning and development.”

iversity is a platform for higher education and professional development courses while Udemy, Udacity and Coursera are mostly academic with giving access to university courses. Skillshare is mostly for creators giving courses on animation, photography and lifestyle.Universities are also giving access to online courses under categories of computer science, engineering, mobile programming, artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, mathematics, business, art, personal development, and more.


Blended learning has become the new normal for education

There is a huge demand from people to learn online as learners are figuring out emerging skills and preparing themselves to compete best in the global market. Online learning has become a huge catalyzer for the learners and has revolutionized education in both schools and businesses. With the integration of modern technology, Students enjoy an enriched learning experience, where they can apply their theoretical knowledge to real life. Students are now adapted to seeing traditional curricula supplemented with audiovisual materials from YouTube, Khan Academy, and other channels.

Blended learning systems offer the students a welcome relief from the social pressures that schooling often entails, allowing shy or quiet students to express themselves with greater confidence. Students would want to keep these advantages in Blended learning in the coming era. Moreover research has also identified blended learning to be even more efficient in some cases than classroom learning. To give you an idea, online learning allows students to learn at a quicker speed by learning at their own pace, re-reading and re-taking the pre-recorded lectures as well as they have the opportunity to go through the topics as they choose.

The global pandemic has drastically changed the way businesses operate and thus distinctive online learning has taken place. Businesses from all around the globe have shifted from having to visit the physical location to train with employees to online learning. It is visible more than ever that investment in online education technology as well as its integration in businesses is highly important in order to provide a seamless knowledge transfer and learning to employees.

Increase in the demand for a hybrid learning model and thus a combination of virtual and classroom-based learning has emerged, also known as blended learning. Online learning allows learners to learn at a quicker speed by learning at their own pace, re-reading and re-taking the pre-recorded video sessions as well as learning happen anytime, anywhere removing barriers such as location, time of learning, and even speed of training.

Role of technology has increased within universities, colleges, schools, and businesses to develop and support online learning. An important part of this strategy shift will be to partner with a trusted company and training provider who have tried and tested online learning platforms, as well as digital content that can be tailored for different industry verticals by course and by end-user’ needs.