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  • Start Date: 23 January 2022
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There is going to be a lot of audio content being consumed due to the nature of the content. Podcasts are consumed actively and passively whether during the walk or run or while in the gym or car. The rise of audio is going to increase. Make sure to watch out for this in the marketing standpoint of your business. And if you are a marketer for a small to mid-sized business you might be interested to look at how audio content can be utilized to boost your marketing activity.

Investing in the podcasting gear and resources to launch your podcast can feel daunting, especially for small and medium businesses. Startups and small businesses should not be bogged down in investing to create a quality podcast and to see if people like it. Urgent but not important tasks are good candidates for delegation. Podcast advertising allows you to connect with niche audiences that relate to your specific industry through an audio ad and it generates twice the engagement of radio ads. The pool of podcasts is so large and you should consider how to tap into this audience by finding and advertising in a podcast that aligns well with your business and industry.

“If you’re wondering about how to sponsor a podcast or ad, let's discuss. GetGoingHub can help you in choosing your podcast, and to find your voice.”

The number of listeners is rising all over the world

Edison Research estimates that 73% of the U.S. 12+ population (an estimated 209 million people) have listened to online audio, up from 68% in 2021. This jump was primarily driven by listeners age 35+, as the number of those age 35+ who listen to online audio monthly increased by 13% year over year. Weekly online audio listening also rose to 67% of the U.S. 12+ population, up from 62% in 2021.

Understanding the audience of the podcast series or episode is key to successful ad placements. When an audio ad relates to the topic of a podcast series or episode, it might feel more natural to the audience. It is also strategically smart because the audience who are interested in that industry might identify with pain points that your business or product or service aims to solve.

There are so many podcasts which podcasts your target audience is listening to? You can choose from them and start with sponsored segments that can run up to two or three minutes, seamlessly blended into an episode of a beloved podcast. You can have select podcast hosts talk up your brand sharing a story about your business or product or service and then advance from there.


Assuming podcasting is right for you.

Podcast is an audio medium and making a podcast requires a lot more involvement with technology than other media and in-depth research. What you say is important and how you say matters more, your storytelling skills play a strong role in deciding whether the person would be keen to give you their time and listen to your podcast or move over to another podcast.

GetGoingHub is currently working on a client’s podcast series that is both successful and building engagement with their ideal client base enabling the client to build their list that can be nurtured into leads and ultimately clients. We also do podcast listing in all of the top podcast directories including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Alexa, Overcast, PocketCasts, Castro, Castbox, and Podchaser.

As a full-service podcast agency, the first thing we’ll do is work with you to gain a solid understanding of your existing audience, your goals, and your brand to develop initial concepts and themes. And we make it easy for brands and publishers to create, launch, and grow successful podcasts – handling everything from hosting and distribution, to production services. Services include:

A podcast episode and series not only gets found on Google, but will also contribute to a higher conversion once people get to the site. We at GetGoingHub are capable of building effective podcasts that start with understanding what captures an audience’s interest and are specialized in giving brands a voice – balancing creativity, collaboration, and technical excellence to reach desired target audiences.